Linage of my mastery in product development (769 articles)

769 of my favorite content on Medium. A lens into my mastery. Enjoy!

A question is a written or expressed elicitation for information. Obtaining the response requires a great deal of trust building, risk tolerance, but ultimately it is form of secrecy. Secrets are the asymmetric advantages market traders leverage; the truths to which its veil protects to whom ever unveils; the lies that to lullaby the liberation of the liability to those at liberty.

A promise, however, is a sacred bond that moves people. A promise is what can change people. A promise is the demise of the hopeless romantic. A promise never succumbs to a thug of war. A promise is the equal pull on the rope that doesn’t test who’s strong enough to pull the other to the dirt but rather a bridge to pull each other closer.

On the other end of the rope? The bridge is only you or nothing.


Abenezer Mamo

Christmas Lights. MIT LICENSE.

3 Rings on the ceiling

Look up. No, really — look up ☺ What do you see? Are you back? Okay, breath; whew — 1, 2, 3. Yes, I know; exciting right? It’s probably a blank ceiling. What’s there? Maybe some sensors and a light bulb probably. Meh, I see a…

Delays in systems

My favorite book, The 5th Discipline, taught me a lot about the delay in systems and how much they can frustrate us

  • Turning on the sink requires 4-5 different component of a system so you can wash your hands regularly with ease
  • It’s harder to notice you’re…


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